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4th Wind International Presents:

Sustainable Tropical Luxury


NEW! Now rent a villa at Progresso Laguna Estates & Resort

Accommodations are now available for short and long terms rental. 

Book direct with Progresso Estates to get the best deal!

Progresso Laguna Estates & Resort

Progresso Laguna Estates & Resort
Welcomes You!



The Estate Parcels

Premium Estate Lots

Large 1/3 - 1/2 Acre Building Lots

Waterfront Estates Lots

Along the shores of Progresso Lagoon

Residential Estates Lots

1/4 Acre Interior Building Lots


Eco-friendly building lots in Progresso Laguna Estates 
Corozal District, Belize C.A.

The tranquil atmosphere offers a retreat from urban stress, allowing relaxation and rejuvenation. Small community bonds offer a sense of security and connection, making the property a home away from home. Additionally, this setting encourages a slower pace of life and access to local, authentic experiences, making it an appealing choice for those seeking both personal enjoyment and a refuge from the toils of traditional daily life.

The best part?

Residents and guests of Progresso Laguna Estates & Resort have complete privacy for all activities in the community. The gated community ensures that you have an exclusive experience of relaxation.


Unique Flavors…

Island Vibes


Spa Services

Relax & Rejuvenate

Book a Spa Service Today!

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